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my name is umber and I'm a mess :thumbsup:

:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :iconnorequests:

NOTE: I am very bad and also very slow at replying to things! I'm often busy with ~life stuff~ and also have dumb anxiety problems that make me put off replying for ages until it's too embarrassingly late to do so. sorry if I end up never replying, but I do absolutely read every comment and appreciate your words-- sometimes I just don't know how to respond!

thank you for understanding!!
ugh, okay. I had this whole thing written out and then my browser crashed and for some reason didn't save it SOOOO I'll just get right to the point


first of all, I changed up some commission prices and info for pixel stuff. you can find all that dealio over here:
commish info updates!!ALRIGHTY
first of all, like I said I was gonna do last journal, here's all the updated info for icon commissions! read 'em, learn 'em, etch 'em into your soul, etc
:bulletred: Basic Icon/No Animation
:bulletorange: $6.00 (600 Points)
:bulletyellow: Simple, no animation icons. May have some very tiny animation thing like a floating logo (ie the pony icons), but that's usually it.
:bulletred: Small Animation
:bulletorange: $8.00 (800 Points)
:bulletyellow: Has very minimal animation. A blink, a bounce, generally very simple stuff.
[Bullet; Purple]
[Bullet; Red] Normal Animation
[Bullet; Orange] $12.00 (1200 Points)
[Bullet; Yellow] Just a

enjoy it, cuuuuz it'll probably be the last time I'm updating this account with any info from my pixel account!

so a while ago I decided to make a separate account for my pixel art (which is Umbex, for reference). and I said at the time that I'll still keep updates on both here and that account, but...... at this point, I consider pixel stuff such a separate category from my drawing/illustration stuff. especially since I wanna finally start opening drawing commissions and I feel like it'll be a weird hassle to clarify which commissions are open on both accounts since they'd be open at different times and blah blah ANYWAY.

here's basically what I'm doing:
1. anything icon or pixel related I will NOT update on this account anymore.
2. if I say commissions are open on this account, it'll be for drawing/illustrations/paintings/any non-pixel stuff.

and I'm not trying to hide away that stuff or what have you. moreso it's just like, this is more my main work that I wanna focus on, whereas pixel stuff is more a hobby (a... hobby that people are way more interested in buying, but hey, lol). also it's kinda a hassle to update both accounts.

and I dunno, there may be an issue where people get sassy cuz they missed when icons were open since they only watch me here, but, well... my pixel account is blatantly there so I guess that'll just be their fault for not looking at my page for more than 5 seconds V('<')V

so yeah, not that exciting, but just letting y'all know in case stragglers are still here. I'd really like to iron out my drawing commissions and finally set those up at some point, soooo maybe hopefully see that eventually???? WHOO


I no longer post my pixel art here, and will not update this account when icon commissions open.

:iconumbex: is my pixel art account, so if you're here only for pixel stuff, please go over to that account instead!

Please note: I have both drawing commissions and pixel commissions, and they usually aren't open at the same time. I only update this account with drawing commissions, and only update my pixel account with icon commissions. If I say commissions are open on this account, they are for drawing, not pixel icons. Yes, it's kinda weird. SORRY.


Oct 21, 2016
5:39 am
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3:49 pm
Oct 18, 2016
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Oct 17, 2016
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Oct 17, 2016
6:44 pm


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