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United States
my name is umber and I'm a mess :thumbsup:

:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :iconnorequests:

NOTE: I am very bad and also very slow at replying to things! I'm often busy with ~life stuff~ and also have dumb anxiety problems that make me put off replying for ages until it's too embarrassingly late to do so. sorry if I end up never replying, but I do absolutely read every comment and appreciate your words-- sometimes I just don't know how to respond!

thank you for understanding!!
(whoops I never use journals)

so hey I was tagged by SilverStrangequark to do that eight facts meme that was going around ages ago! I was actually tagged quiiite a while ago, but I was saving it for when I had writer's block and wanted to pretend like I was still being productive :V

it was tagged for Elle, but I started doing Leon on accident at first cuz I wasn't paying attention lol. SO YOU'LL JUST GET BOTH CUZ WHY NOT

Eight facts about Elle:
  1. Her family is unusually big. Most families stick to one child, maybe two, while her family had 6 kids total (technically 5 now), with her being the third youngest. Her mother is Iranian, while her father is half Mexican/half black.
  2. Most people are drafted for the League, but she's one of the few people who signed up themselves. She likes to fight anyway, all of her older siblings did, and she just wants to be stronger. and maybe some other reasons, shh
  3. She loooves some good meaty foods, and is extremely picky about how it tastes. Her favorite meal is fesenjan (meat stew with a pomegranate sauce and ground walnuts)
  4. She's a pretty big TV junkie-- she's watched a loooot of stuff in her days. Her favorites are action and more “exciting” things, and horror (buuut she definitely prefers the trashier, gorier side-- the grosser the better. Despite this, she actually hates zombie movies cuz' she straight up has an embarrassing fear of them. No Dawn of the Dead for her). She also has a pretty heavy guilty pleasure in awful competition reality shows.
  5. She's super competitive, even over small or petty things. She's honestly not intentionally trying to prove she's great or anything, she just really really likes winning, and tends to be a pretty sore loser. I mean, she's gotta have ALL the gyms
  6. As far as pure academic school smarts go, she's definitely not the brightest of the bunch. She's generally more clever and streetsmart, but like hell if she can do basic math without using her fingers.
  7. Related to the above: she absolutely haaaated school and learning. She was never an outright delinquent or anything, but she had a bit of a rebellious streak and often refused to do work that she didn't care about (lucky for her, basic schooling ends at 16)
  8. …. I legitimately can't think of a 8th fact lol. uh. her favorite color is red?? she would main bowser in smash bros???

Eight facts about Leon:

  1. His original hair color is dirty blonde
  2. One of his main hobbies pre-League was playing the guitar, and music composition in general. Although, he absolutely hates singing. He's an okay singer, he just feels uncomfortable doing it. The most you're gonna get out of him is maybe a hum.
  3. He's pretty into history and mythology, and nonfiction in general. While he wasn't a huge bookworm, he does enjoy digging into it in his spare time.
  4. His teeth are ppppretty wonky. It's kinda hard to notice cuz he doesn't open his mouth wide much or anything, but yeah they aren't the prettiest chompers around.
  5. He's an okay cook. Incidentally, he and Jeff are usually the ones taking care of food prep for the team cuz Elle and Sieg are too lazy, so he's actually been getting pretty good lately (also hell even Jeff isn't super amazing at it-- he just feels bad making Leon doing it all the time lol. He usually assists but he'll try to take over making all the food stuff when Leon has bad days. He can't really make anything more complicated than spaghetti but hey at least he tries. wait this is supposed to be leon facts OOPS MOVING ON)
  6. Speaking of, despite the above, he's actually pretty weird about food. He's awkward about eating in front of people, feels bad about and doesn't like gorging on really huge meals, and he tends not to eat at all when he's anxious. Dude loves the hell out of cinnamon though :thumbsup:
  7. He knows a little bit of French. He studied it briefly for fun during school, but hasn't really touched it in a while so it's a little rough. He remembers basic rules and a collection of words and phrases, and can at least get the gist of certain sentences.
  8. Outside of some of the adults, he is the tallest character (I've actually screwed this up sometimes-- in some pages certain adult characters tower over him, which would imply they're almost horrifically tall, lol)

I tag: NO ONE cuz I'm lazy. feel free to do it if you'd like ;V

anyways, on a general note of how progress is going: updates should be coming back Very Soon. I would say at this point, I am 95% done with everything-- all that's left is just lots of tweaking and detail work. it is killing me how distressingly close I finally am to being done after all this time but I'm almost there...

in the meanwhile, I'm gonna be posting something Special later tonight so..... keep ya eyes peeled ✨

anyways that's it, happy wednedsay y'all!!



this saturday

geeeet ready

ps: since it’s been about 3 million years since the last update (give or take), I highly recommend rereading from about chapter 13 (beginning of ilex) to now. it won’t kill ya if you don’t, but it’s been so long that I think a quick refresher will help these future updates read better.

SO YEAH........ SOON


I no longer post my pixel art here, and will not update this account when icon commissions open.

:iconumbex: is my pixel art account, so if you're here only for pixel stuff, please go over to that account instead!

Please note: I have both drawing commissions and pixel commissions, and they usually aren't open at the same time. I only update this account with drawing commissions, and only update my pixel account with icon commissions. If I say commissions are open on this account, they are for drawing, not pixel icons. Yes, it's kinda weird. SORRY.


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